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When most Virginia people think of crimes, they reflect on offenses like burglary, assault, possibly murder. In any case, there is another category of offense in Virginia: white-collar crimes. The Virginia Government and the private sector are making persistent efforts to curb the ever-increasing white-collar crimes, say VA lawyers. The problem is that white-collar crimes are committed against society. Morality and society’s commitment to equal justice is violated by white-collar crimes. While some white-collar crimes are violations of criminal laws, others are violations of regulatory statutes and general standards of moral conduct. Although white-collar crimes are not viewed as violent crimes in Virginia, white-collar offenses are serious offenses that result in harsh penalties if convicted. Depending on the nature of the white-collar crimes, you may end up charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or you could be arraigned in federal court in Virginia. If you have been accused of white-collar crimes in Virginia, you need to retain a skilled Virginia defense lawyer who has experience in defending clients facing these and other serious felony charges if you desire to accomplish the best result for your situation. If you are looking for sound advice about the best ways to deal with state or federal white-collar offenses in Virginia, contact our adept white-collar crimes lawyer at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

Unlawful Offenses Committed In The Course Of Employment

White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes in Virginia that are committed in a business, corporate, or financial field in an attempt to obtain financial gain. White-collar crimes are seen as doing a great deal of harm to the society and public in Virginia. If you are being investigated or have been charged with white-collar crimes, you know the stakes are high. So it’s imperative to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer with experience in litigating state and federal white-collar crimes offenses. Our experienced and skilled lawyer from The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C can fight for you if you were charged with white-collar offenses.

Generally Involve Deceit, Deception, Manipulation, And Breach Of Trust.

White-collar crimes can lead to intense financial losses to a business, as well as a loss of trust in various establishments depending on the nature of the accusation. People who commit these crimes are often higher-level business and government employees who are engaging in illegal practices to make money, hide money, hide illegal business transactions or evade taxes and financial responsibilities. If you happen to have been accused of white-collar crimes in Virginia, you may be antagonized by enormous fines, loss of property, and a long jail sentence. Do not hesitate to talk to a resourceful white-collar crimes lawyer immediately after being charged with white-collar cases. What is more, your professional reputation can be irreparably damaged and you may lose your job. To reaffirm your social status it is highly obligatory to sign up with a skilled and professional white-collar crime Virginia lawyer. It is also important to note that the Virginia prosecutors will vivaciously seek a conviction in such matters, and judges will often show little tolerance to one who has been convicted. The commonwealth lawyer has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, but the accused has to win the trust of the society which can be attained only through an able lawyer. Our experienced Virginia defense lawyer understands the long-term ramifications of these crimes and is here to help you.

These Crimes Have The Acquisition Of Money, Property, Or Power As The Primary Goal.

White-collar crimes of Virginia vary in complexity, range, and severity. They include an expansive scope of crimes, such as insurance fraud includes automotive, homeowners, medical, and Medicaid. Insider trading, securities fraud, hedge fund fraud, and stock manipulation involve stocks and bonds. Computer fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud can also be the result of white-collar crimes, say VA lawyers. When you are under investigation or charged with any of these crimes, seek the guidance of a professional and well-established Virginia white-collar crime lawyer to understand and learn more about your case. Our highly skilled lawyer makes sure you make informed decisions during the hearing of your white-collar offense. White-collar crimes also include identity theft, mortgage broker fraud, bribery, money laundering, forgery, embezzlement, and tax evasion. If you are convicted of any of these crimes do seek the support of our aggressive lawyer to fight back. All of these white-collar crimes are the same in that the end goal is to get some type of financial or economic gain. If you are under investigation or have been charged with white-collar crimes, our seasoned Virginia lawyer can help. Contact our Virginia lawyer to plan the strongest strategies to defend against your white-collar crimes. Our well-established and seasoned Virginia lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to protect you from the adverse effects.

Get The Help You Need From Our White-Collar Defense Lawyer When You Are Charged With:

White Coats And White-Collar Crimes:

A criminal offense by health care providers is one of the most deleterious of all white-collar crimes. If you are convicted of white-collar crimes, you should find a reliable lawyer. Our prominent Virginia lawyer will take the needed measures to relieve you from the white-collar charge. Examples of health care fraud include doctors billing for charges they never performed or double billing. It can also include Medicare and Medicaid fraud, both on the business and patient side. For example, someone who might not qualify for Medicaid changes the application and documentation so that he or she can qualify. White-collar crimes’ consequences can be incredibly complex, and the prosecution often employs the services of experts in their attempt to prove your guilt. Our valuable lawyer has been up to that challenge in the past, successfully achieving results of no or minimal jail time in white-collar cases in Virginia. Get the right help from an expert Virginia lawyer who walks you smoothly through the entire phase of your white-collar charge. A resourceful lawyer who works scrupulously will work hard to put away or minimize the consequences.


Most white-collar crimes occur due to the lack of control and ambiguity in the work environments. It is considered embezzlement to fraudulently take money or property from the rightful owner for financial gain when the accused was entrusted with the money or property as part of his job. Certain individuals succumb to temptations and compromise their ethical values in this grey area. These individuals nudge towards the slippery path, thus breaking the Virginia laws leading to criminal acts. If the value of the property or goods is $200 or less, it is a misdemeanor offense, but in other cases, this is a felony crime, say VA lawyers. The punishment can be a prison sentence of up to 20 years, a $2,500 fine, and restitution to the victim. White-collar crimes are always complex and the consequences of pursuing the wrong criminal defense strategy can be severe. If you have been accused of embezzlement in Virginia, seek the support of an experienced Virginia criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your white-collar case. Our experienced white-collar crimes lawyer understands the long-term ramifications of these crimes and is here to help you build the strongest defense possible so that the charges against you are dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense.

Forgery And Uttering:

If you have been charged with forgery in Virginia, the legal laws of Virginia are contending that you have intended to deceive by creating, altering, or imitating a document or object. So do seek the support of a highly qualified Virginia lawyer to discuss your case. Common forgery charges include forging of public records, forging of currency, and possessing an instrument for forgery. When you are tied up with any of these crimes, seek help from a professional lawyer. Uttering is a separate crime that occurs when someone passes a document they know to be forged. If you have been charged with or even simply believe that you are under investigation for white-collar crimes in Virginia, you need to take a proactive stance regarding the defense of your rights. Our experienced Virginia lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected.

Identity Theft:

A person can be charged with identity theft if he obtains identifying information of another individual without his consent to gain access to his financial documents, to qualify for a loan, to make money or goods from him, or obtain identification documents in the person’s name. If convicted of a Class 5 felony charge in Virginia, the penalty is severe. If you have been accused of white-collar crimes, take help from a well-established Virginia lawyer first. White-collar crimes should be handled by an experienced Virginia criminal defense lawyer because these cases can get complicated very quickly. A skilled Virginia lawyer at your side will fight aggressively to reduce the consequences. Contact our Virginia lawyer to plan the strongest strategies to defend against your charges. Additionally, most cases focus on whether the accused knew about the criminal nature of his or her activities, and whether these acts intended to defraud or misinform the victims. An experienced Virginia lawyer will protect and defend your rights. Because of the complexity of the white-collar cases, you need an experienced Virginia lawyer who understands how to review and analyze the financial evidence being used against you. Do contact our well-established Virginia defense lawyer immediately. Our professional defense lawyer is the only resource to do away with your case or to meet the best probable outcome.

Money Laundering:

Money laundering is the illegal process of converting money earned from illegal activities into “clean” money -that is, money that can be freely used in legitimate business operations and does not have to be concealed from the Virginia authorities. Every white-collar case is unique, and that is why you need a professional Virginia lawyer to help you decide your next steps. No matter how the case was framed, there are things that you can do to help reduce or do away when you have a valuable Virginia lawyer at your side. Contact our explicit Virginia lawyer immediately to learn more about your white-collar case.

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When two or more people agree to commit crimes or lawful acts unlawfully, they can be charged with conspiracy in Virginia. Conspiracy to commit a felony, terrorism, larceny, or fraud is just a few of the many conspiracy offenses, say VA lawyers. The penalties can vary widely depending on the specific crime and can range from one year in jail and a fine for a misdemeanor offense to life in prison. Our skilled and experienced Virginia lawyer provides you with a thorough and aggressive defense to the charges you face. Do call our proficient Virginia lawyer immediately.


Finance professionals are compensated and rewarded for short-term superlative profits. To maximize their performance-based compensations, some proceed to circumvent the existing laws and encounter fraud-related crimes. There are many fraud-related crimes under Virginia law. Offenses containing elements of fraud are complex and wide-ranging, but the common thread in a fraud offense is the misrepresentation of fact to obtain some personal benefit from the entity being defrauded. When you are through a fraud case, get help from a proficient lawyer. The consequences are so complex that you require the assistance of a highly qualified white-collar offense lawyer. Being aware of your rights is paramount, as is hiring an experienced Virginia lawyer. Our professional defense lawyer will be at your side to discuss the legal options. White-collar crimes lead to extremely serious charges with significant penal and financial consequences in Virginia. Depending on how much money is involved in a particular case, a convicted person could be fined heavily and sentenced to an extended jail term, say VA lawyers. If you find yourself charged with or accused of one of the white-collar crimes in Virginia, please do not delay in seeking the experience of our expert Virginia lawyer. You need to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Contact our Virginia white-collar crimes lawyer to plan the strongest strategies to defend against your charges.

Mail And Wire Fraud:

Mail and wire fraud are federal crimes that involve using the Virginia postal service, another interstate mail carrier, or electronic communications to steal a person’s money or property. If convicted in Virginia, the punishment may include up to 20 years in prison and a $2,500 fine. Talk to an experienced and versatile Virginia lawyer to minimize the drastic consequences. White-collar crimes conviction will wreak havoc in both your personal and professional life, so do not wait until you are arrested to seek the assistance of an experienced white-collar criminal lawyer. A white-collar criminal defense lawyer can fight to get you the best outcome possible for your case.


The rapidly growing technology, business, and political pressure have introduced criminals to newer ways of committing white-collar crimes. Technology has also made it easier and easier to inflict harm or cause loss to the other person. More and more white-collar crimes are committed by using computers and other kinds of technology that allow these criminals to get a hold of confidential financial information. The consequences of these crimes are so severe get in touch with an able lawyer to discuss the legal options. The explosion of the internet and ever-advancing technology has been accompanied by a corresponding rise in what is referred to as “cybercrime” – which is a myriad of online fraud schemes and various forms of “phishing” for people’s personal information to commit the crime of identity theft. Cybercrime is any crime that is committed with the aid of computer technology. The trending cybercrime cases are so breathtaking that require an exceptional lawyer’s help. Do not wait to call the resourceful lawyer who will provide all insights.

Depending on the nature of the white-collar offense, and the amount of financial damage involved, you might find yourself charged with a misdemeanor, felony, or a federal offense. The penalties for white-collar charges in Virginia can range from 12 months in jail to 20 years in prison. Get immediate help from our seasoned lawyer to diminish the consequences. This is in addition to potentially paying fines that lead to a permanent Virginia criminal record. Seek the help of a valuable Virginia criminal defense lawyer who has the skills and experience necessary to protect you from those negative consequences.

If you are being investigated for or charged with white-collar crimes, you need the assistance of an experienced Virginia criminal defense lawyer to mount a strong defense against the charges you face. Even if you believe you are guilty, you may have a valuable lawyer’s strong defenses that can result in the charges being dismissed or reduced to a less serious offense. Do contact our Virginia defense lawyer to move your white-collar case in the right direction.

If you are convicted of white-collar offenses, the Virginia court will typically impose a penalty of criminal forfeiture. This means that the government takes the property that you used to commit the offenses or that you gained as a result of your criminal activity. To learn more about the forfeiture procedures confer with a resourceful white-collar offenses attorney.


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