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Solicitation of prostitution refers to any kind of act where either a person pays for some kind of sexual favors or accepts money in lieu of sexual favors. That is to say, both the person seeking sexual favors by making payment and the person who accepts money for performing the same can be charged with the offense. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have experience in handling sex crimes and can give you a quick solution.

Prostitution, though deemed the oldest profession in the world, is banned in all the states of the United States barring Nevada. Because of being banned, this is viewed as a crime, and any person found indulging in the offense can face anything from fines to jail terms and probation as punishment. A lawyer helps people who are charged with such a crime.

Who all can be tried for solicitation of prostitution?

Prostitutes, call girls, escorts, pimps or Johns (people who seek sexual favors in lieu of money) can all be tried for solicitation of prostitution. Such charges also extend to those indulging in telephone sex, child pornography, lap dancing, strip clubs or any kind of pornographically content on the internet. The quantum of punishment though differs from state to state.

How can a solicitation of prostitution lawyer help in the matter?

It may not be viewed as a grievous crime but brings enormous shame to the person charged with it, nevertheless. This is an act that is done discreetly by those involved and therefore is extremely damaging to the reputation of a person. If the person further faces punishment for the crime and all the past deeds with regard to such acts comes to the fore, this may impact the person psychologically too. Only a lawyer can help in such matters and therefore, the services of a lawyer in these cases are very crucial.

Police can arrest a person even with the slightest of evidences for such crimes. Even if the person may not have committed the crime and comes out clean later; then too, such charges can scar the person for life. Only an accomplished solicitation of prostitution lawyer can help people, convicted of the crime in such times.

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What are the penalties wherein a solicitation of prostitution lawyer can help?

A person charged with solicitation of prostitution can face the following punishments. The only person who can bail out such people out of the charges is a solicitation of prostitution lawyer.

  • Fines: A person charged with such a crime can be slapped with fines, anything ranging from $100 to $1000. In addition to that, the accused can also be asked to pay the court fees that in turn, can run into additional hundreds of dollars. These are no mean fines and therefore the services of a solicitation of prostitution lawyer are very imperative herein.
  • Jail: A person convicted of such a crime can face up to a year in jail as the sentence. First time offenders face lesser sentences; typically ranging from one month to six months. A solicitation of prostitution lawyer can help in lowering the time frame of the jail sentence for such an accused.
  • Probation: In addition to other punishments like fines or jail or even without them, a person can face a probation period as designated by the court. Probation is a period wherein the accused is required to refrain from committing the same crime again, not get in touch with a prostitute and do community service. Other than these, the person may also be required to go in for counseling. A solicitation of prostitution lawyer helps clients in getting their sentences reduced to probation so that they are not only able to reflect on their past deeds and make amends, but also prepare themselves for not repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Why is it so important to hire a solicitation of prostitution lawyer?

In spite of the strictest restrictions, the sex industry is one of the most thriving industries worldwide. More often than not, those from the economically weaker sections of the society are thrown into such activities by unscrupulous pimps. Or worse still, some of the men and women may have to tread this road for the lack of suitable employment opportunities. Whatever may be the reason, the onus of dealing in such illegal acts always falls on the weakest link in the chain – the prostitutes. This is where the services of solicitation of prostitution lawyer become so very important. Only a solicitation of prostitution lawyer can highlight the plights of such sex workers in the courts. Since solicitation of prostitution lawyer is adept at fighting these cases, solicitation of prostitution lawyer can represent their clients much better than any other genre of lawyers. It is very important for the courts to understand the circumstances in which a person has been forced to take this route, and only a solicitation of prostitution lawyer can help in this endeavor perfectly.

It is the responsibility of every solicitation of prostitution lawyer to put the best possible defenses to help their clients. Several of such charges may also come to be false and frivolous. It is the duty of every solicitation of prostitution lawyer to ensure that their clients are able to prove their innocence in the court.

A strong solicitation of prostitution lawyer can make all the difference

There are a few pointers that should be kept in mind when hiring a solicitation of prostitution lawyer. It is important for the accused to hire a strong solicitation of prostitution lawyer to help the case. A weak solicitation of prostitution lawyer may do more harm than good because proving client’s innocence in such cases is no mean feat. Hiring a strong solicitation of prostitution lawyer is also important because there are generally no witnesses to such crimes. Solicitations to prostitution cases are difficult to contest and only an adept law firm, like the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with their time tested strategies can help the defendant find the light at the end of the tunnel.