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Sex crimes include a broad range of offenses which may be minor solicitation for sexual actions or exposing minors to erotic behavior, say Fairfax VA lawyers. The upshot of a sex crime conviction in Fairfax VA goes well beyond the potential of a jail sentence. While this is a key factor, solicitation of a minor can have lasting consequences on your life, making sturdy defense by lawyers essential throughout the entire process. Our skilled lawyer will handle your solicitation of minor crime cases with confidence ensuring you are provided adequate information about the brilliant defenses possible for your solicitation case in Fairfax VA.

Solicitation Of Minor In Fairfax VA Is A Serious Offense. Many individuals are often charged due to naive communications they begin with no ulterior motive but which has become problematic as the subject matter becomes ugly or suggestive. One of the elements of sex crime charges in Fairfax VA is that sexual activities must occur against the will of the victim informs your lawyer. Thus, if the defendant can make it obvious that the victim consented to the sexual contact; it will offer a solid defense to the allegations of a sex crime. However, our lawyer warns you that this offense may not apply in certain situations, such as sex assault crimes involving children or incapacitated persons. In these cases, the adult is always responsible for their communications even if the child is instigating the offense by suggestive conversations says our lawyer.

Solicitation of children is a serious crime against children under 13 and grave penalties will be imposed in Fairfax VA. In a solicitation of a minor charge, establishing consent or lack of consent has no impact on the case. Even if the child has willingly engaged in a sexual act with the accused and it still is a crime in Fairfax VA. However, because he or she is a minor, they cannot legally consent to have sex. Willingness to have sex is not the same as consent when a child is involved informs your solicitation lawyer. Knowing the applicability of the relevant Fairfax VA solicitation laws is important.

In a minor solicitation case, the age is based on the actual birth date of the individual involved cautions your lawyer. The Commonwealth’s lawyer only needs to prove that the plaintiff was age 13 or older but younger than 15 years old. It does not matter if the accused did not know the individual’s age or thought he or she was older. Even if the child has declared that he/she was older; the actual age is crucial in determining if the victim was a minor, notifies your lawyer. Sexual offenses involving minors usually involve the same acts as sexual offenses against adults in Fairfax VA, but the punishments are often much more severe.

Solicitation Of Minor In Fairfax VA

Exposing yourself, or making an obscene display in public, is grounds for a sex crime charge, say Fairfax VA solicitation lawyers. Obscene display of one’s body even if it does not involve any actual nudity is considered as an inappropriate act in Fairfax VA. Speak to our lawyer in Fairfax VA once you are charged with a solicitation of a minor criminal case.

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Minor solicitation through the use of technology, and sharing obscene materials with minors are a few of the ways a sex crime is committed in Fairfax VA. The craze of social media induces some young people to send or post suggestive content, say Fairfax VA lawyers. If a youngster takes a sexually explicit photo of him or herself, or another teen, and then sends or distributes it using a mobile phone or posts it on social media, that youngster can be charged for a solicitation case says our lawyer. Knowingly taking a sexually explicit photo of an identifiable minor, who was a minor at the time the picture was snapped, is all it takes for a solicitation case in Fairfax VA. It is illegal for a person to communicate with a minor for an immoral purpose informs our lawyer.

Just a single image of a minor or even a printout of an internet image of child sexual abuse might be enough for investigators to file for solicitation charges in Fairfax VA. Penalties for minor solicitation are often harsh, say lawyers. A young person who thought he or she was doing something personal and intimate can end up facing a very serious charge that can lead to years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and being required to register as a sex offender. Any youngster who receives that picture and texts it to another friend or shares it on Facebook or Twitter can likewise be charged for solicitation of minors in Fairfax VA.

Most colleges in Fairfax VA ask about criminal convictions on applications, and a conviction could be grounds to deny admission. A conviction linking a solicitation charge could affect the youngster’s ability to get a job or rent an apartment later on since even juvenile convictions can stay on a person’s public record in Fairfax VA, say lawyers. If you are facing a solicitation of a minor case in Fairfax VA do confer with our lawyer who will work diligently to bring out the fairness you deserve.

Online solicitation of a minor leads to grave penalties in Fairfax VA. The situation can be further aggravated if the complainant is being constrained or subjected by a third party to make this allegation against you. If you have been framed for the solicitation of minor crime in Fairfax VA you have to defend yourself with the help of our adroit lawyer. Solicitation of minor charges is complicated in Fairfax VA and you should never proceed without the support of a resourceful lawyer. 

A highly qualified lawyer understands how the Commonwealth’s lawyer approaches these types of charges and will use this knowledge to help protect your rights and future. Our accomplished lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. will clarify all your doubts about the charge and will guide you with the most effective solutions.