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If a person knowingly or unknowingly commits a reckless driving offense in Fairfax VA, he or she should approach a lawyer for guidance without any delay.

But in many cases, the drivers who take the reckless driving charge very lightly will leave the charge without taking any action. Such drivers suffer dreadful consequences for their failure to take an experienced lawyer’s assistance. These drivers in Fairfax VA just pay for the traffic ticket and are compelled to face grave consequences in the future.

Reckless Driving Lawyers Virginia

Drivers imposed with a reckless driving offense may not know what has to be done even though they know that it is a serious traffic offense. It is a fact that in most cases, offenders caught for reckless driving are shocked and are not capable of thinking about what should be done next. They fail to take the sensible decision of hiring a reckless driving lawyer in Virginia. It is important to take the guidance of an accomplished reckless driving lawyer as such lawyers have in-depth knowledge about the laws and the offenses. Our efficient lawyers will take all efforts to reduce the penalty in your reckless driving charge in Fairfax VA.

In Virginia, if a person has been charged for a traffic case they will immediately need the assistance of an experienced attorney. States like VA generally have strict laws for reckless driving. The speed limits for Fairfax are prescribed under VA laws specifically for highways and cities and drivers should follow them properly.

Drivers in Fairfax VA are required to follow the traffic rules and should also check the conditions of their vehicle as to whether it is safe to drive. Also, Fairfax VA drivers are required to obey other rules related to reckless driving like the requirement to stop their vehicle for school buses for physically and mentally ill persons and for senior citizens. Be informed that a reckless driving charge does not result merely by driving rashly, if a driver violates the above-mentioned explicit traffic rules then it is also considered as reckless driving in Fairfax VA. Dismiss your charge with assistance from reckless driving lawyers in Fairfax VA.

There are several defenses, which can result in overturning a reckless driving conviction in Fairfax VA when aggressively argued by proficient lawyers.

One of the common defenses applied to reckless operating charges by Fairfax VA lawyer is that the officer who initiated the traffic stop and imposed the charge had no authority to do so. Your lawyer will prove this by showing to the court that the incident occurred at a place that was between two different jurisdictions. If the officer who had initiated the charge had no jurisdiction over the exact location of the accident, the charges are likely to be dismissed. In addition, the experienced lawyers in Fairfax VA have defended and won an acquittal in cases where the incident occurred on private gated roads. In these circumstances, lawyers will prove that the roads where the incident occurred were not a highway or public road as expressly required by the statute. With such facts proven in courts, the reckless operating charge in Fairfax VA will be easily dismissed.

A successful defense strategy in these Fairfax VA cases is the contention that the radar device was not properly calibrated.

Your lawyer will apprise you of the mandatory requirement for the officer to have calibrated the radar device on the date of the charge. In addition, the officer should have a certificate in his possession that attests to the date on which the device was calibrated. Experienced defense attorneys will focus on the calibration done to the device and try to build a strong case based on this assertion. Another requirement under reckless driving law pertains to the methods in which the radar device or other speed-measuring device was used at the time of the incident. If the officer who was involved in the incident was a newly appointed officer, there is a higher chance of not following the procedure as required by the regulations. This is a valid ground for requesting dismissal of the charge in Fairfax VA.

If the driver confides in his Fairfax VA lawyer that the speedometer of his vehicle was not working properly and that he did not intentionally drive in a reckless manner, then the lawyer will suggest that the speedometer device of the accused’s vehicle be calibrated. One needs to be extremely careful when requesting calibration and should proceed only if fully confident that the speedometer had some fault. Proof that the speedometer was faulty works in some Fairfax VA cases and can result in dismissal or reduced penalties.

Attorneys will explain that the driver is conferred with certain rights during the court process.

However, a driver proceeding by himself may not be aware of his rights. You require an experienced reckless driving lawyer in Fairfax VA to provide you with adequate information about your rights in the court process. Drivers charged with reckless driving in Fairfax VA should appoint a lawyer at the earliest considering that reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor in Fairfax Virginia. Your lawyer in Fairfax VA will inform you that if you are found guilty of reckless driving you will be punished with high fines and your license can be suspended. You will be shocked to know that you can also be sent to jail in severe cases if you do not consult an efficient reckless driving lawyer in Fairfax VA.

Retaining an experienced traffic lawyer is essential.

Also, you need to make sure that the attorney is a client-friendly professional. Once you check these requirements, you can proceed with the initial consultation. The initial meeting with your attorney and the concern shown in preparing defenses will determine whether you chose the right lawyers.

Speak to our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. to effectively prepare a winning defense strategy in your case. Your charges in Fairfax VA may either be dismissed or the penalties may be reduced.