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Scams, both financial and non-financial, are common with technology making it tougher to trace and punish those involved in shams. The state of Virginia comes down harshly on those who cheat the public. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA deals with all kinds of scams. The basic component of the offense is deception or stealing of information or money. Individuals are booked for deceit when they impersonate the identity of third parties to take possession of the assets of the latter. There are various kinds of scams. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA can provide adequate clarifications on the nature of all scams. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are well adept to handle scam cases and have excelled in it. Explained below are some of the commonly registered dupery cases in Virginia.

Bad checks

People are charged with check scams when they intend to commit the following crimes:

  • When they issue checks even after being aware of the lack of adequate funds in their bank accounts.
  • When they issue checks even after being cognizant of their bad credit scores.
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The above-mentioned activities are executed to intentionally deceive the receivers of the signed checks. Money orders and demand drafts are also faked using the same ways mentioned above. The value of the amount deceived plays a vital role in deciding the nature of the committed forgery. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is highly required in these circumstances. A strong defense can help in minimizing the seriousness of this conviction. A lawyer Fairfax VA assists the offender by providing appropriate defenses for the latter.


Forgery is the act of misinterpreting or faking a document for carrying out illegal transactions or purchases. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA would have dealt with different kinds of forgery cases and some of them are listed herein:

  • Manipulating or misrepresenting the title of a document.
  • Altering the title of a bank instrument.
  • Changing the details of a contract or draft.
  • Faking public records.
  • Forging a government seal.

A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is acquainted with the criminalization of intentional forgery as a felony of class 4. Listed herein are some of the penalties that are declared for this transgression:

  • Imprisonment for a period ranging between 2 and 10 years.
  • Fine amounting to at most $100000.

If a purchase or exchange is made using a forged document, the committed offense is prosecuted as a felony of class 5. The following are the punishments that are announced for this felonious crime:

  • Incarceration for a maximum of 10 years.
  • Fine of a maximum of $250000.

A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is familiar with the procedures involved in the prosecution of other kinds of forgery offenses. Explained herein are some of the other commonly registered forgery offenses in Virginia:

  • Felony of class 6

All individuals, who are found to possess 10 or more forged bank instruments, are convicted for these felonies. Penalizations for this perpetration include a maximum of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of at most $2500.

  • Misdemeanor of class 1

Forging the signatures of other individuals is a serious misdemeanor crime. Penalties for this offense include a maximum of 12 months prison sentence and a maximum fine of $2500. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is proven useful for the effective management of these criminal charges. A person, who is convicted of the offense, is sure to experience brutal legal scrutiny since the offense witnesses a forgery of a third person. However, a fraud lawyer Fairfax VA aids in minimizing the severity of this misdemeanor conviction.  

  • Misdemeanor of class 3

A person, who is found to possess fewer than 10 faked bank instruments, is charged with a misdemeanor. A maximum fine of $500 is levied for this perpetration. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA helps in reducing the consequences of these offenses.

Falsifying an educational or merit certificate to obtain underserving employment or educational gains is also a misdemeanor of this kind. A maximum fine of $500 is declared during these circumstances.

A forgery lawsuit attains quicker and less severe settlements only when it is approached under the guidance of a fraud lawyer Fairfax VA. An experienced fraud lawyer Fairfax VA can provide effective directions to ably handle any forgery accusation. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to be assisted by a competent fraud lawyer Fairfax VA during these crucial circumstances.

Identity theft

A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA would be familiar with the identity frauds that are frequently brought to the attention of the state courts of Virginia. The usage, sale, or distribution of personal identification information of an individual without acquiring prior authorizations for the same from the respective owners is a grievous criminal offense.

A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is acquainted with the details that are commonly prone to be accessed by an at-fault identity imposter. Some of the details include:

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Bank account details
  • Date of birth
  • Driving license number
  • Numbers of bank instruments like check leaves, debit/credit cards.
  • Personal identification numbers
  • Digital identification security codes
  • Electronic signatures
  • Important biometric data like fingerprints.
  • Passwords to lockers, homes, safety devices, etc.

A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA would describe identity fraud in the following ways:

  • The acquisition of the personal identification details of strangers to thereby gain illegal access to their financial resources and economic benefits. The information looted here is majorly restricted from public use. A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA would have met many criminals, who used the accessed information to purchase properties and get hold of non-deserving funds.
  • The acquisition of loads or debts by using the identity of another individual.
  • The acquisition of documents using the credentials of another person.
  • The acquisition of crucial non-public information by assuming the identity of a government authority.

A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is aware of the following statutes that govern the prosecution of identity thefts:

  • A fraud lawyer Fairfax VA treats and regards identity theft as a misdemeanor of class 1 in circumstances wherein the funds looted are found to be below $200. If the looted funds exceed $200, the identity fraud is conceptualized as a felony of class 6 by a fraud lawyer Fairfax VA.
  • A subsequent accusation for any identify fraud is prosecuted as a felony of class 6.

Significance of a fraud lawyer Fairfax VA

An identity theft allegation is not as simple as it appears. If you are a victim or falsely accused of identity theft, contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., and get the guidance of fraud lawyer Fairfax VA. A skilled fraud lawyer Fairfax VA is known to be familiar with the strategies that when adopted lead to quicker and favorable outcomes. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be accompanied by a fraud lawyer Fairfax VA in all crucial circumstances.