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One cannot imagine the spate of debacles that driving in an intoxicated state invites into one’s life. Irremediable bereavement of life may be caused on account of one deliberate act of operating a vehicle in an inebriated state. Loss of life or injury to a person brings irrepressible sadness to the victim and his/her family. To avoid such suffering, law enforcement officers in Fairfax VA work round the clock to prevent DUI on the Fairfax roads. The grave penalties that can be imposed on a DUI offender, make the DUI offense a dreaded one. Your lawyer will warn you that stringent implementation of the laws has resulted in the offender being imposed with severe penalties in Fairfax VA.

Recurring acts of dereliction threaten the safety of the bystanders and fellow drivers on the roads of Fairfax VA, which calls for the unrelenting implementation of DUI laws. Your Fairfax VA lawyer will tell you that consciously neglecting the duty of care that the DUI legislations bind you to the people on roads, will hold you guilty of DUI crimes in VA, with ruthless penalties being dashed on you. You will be surprised to know from your lawyer that your belief that Juvenile DUI offenders are being treated lightly by the law has been wrong all along.


Every year, these laws and regulations go through several amendments for augmentation of the DUI laws to continue to apply to the current scenarios. Though VA lawmakers have recently offered several relaxations the legal framework still censures your conscious driving at a delirious state especially on consuming alcohol or drugs that can endanger the life or estate of the commoners, say DUI lawyers.

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 Our VA Fairfax lawyers point out that if you are a first-time DUI offender, you will be glad to know that you may not be subjected to severe driving restrictions as per the new law. This law has come into effect from July 2021. However, the law mentions certain specific requirements for a DUI offender to benefit from the relaxations offered by the new law. The breath alcohol concentration should be less than 0.15 and the driver should have committed DUI for the first time. The driver needs to make a proper request as per existing procedures for a restricted license, say Fairfax VA lawyers. Your Fairfax VA lawyer will clarify that if these conditions are satisfied, you may be allowed to drive with an ignition interlock device.

Be informed by your Fairfax VA lawyers that, a restricted license will be granted only if you assent to getting the vehicle ignition interlock for 12 months. Clients often ask Fairfax VA lawyers whether these broad relaxations are applicable to second-time DUI offenders or repeat offenders. Our lawyers have clarified the doubts of DUI clients in Fairfax VA by stating that this strictly applies to first-time offenders. Repeat DUI offenses in Fairfax VA can cause dreadful complications in penalties and will remain a permanent mark on your criminal records, say lawyers. Under the new law, if you have been imposed with subsequent DUI convictions, you may be permitted to request for a restricted license provided you agree to employ an alcohol monitor to assess if you are intoxicated before you operate the vehicle, say Fairfax lawyers.

Your Fairfax lawyer will tell you that to truly appreciate the benefits of the new amendment, you need to understand the grave nature of the previous law. Formerly, your license gets suspended for straight 12 months, say Fairfax VA lawyers. Even if you file a petition for a restricted license, you will be confined to navigate to and fro from your office and for fundamental activities. Fiddling with the interlocking equipment will be viewed as an offense that the State of VA will not tolerate and will exact you to get a misdemeanor conviction in addition to a colossal of fines. This will be disparaging to your Fairfax VA DUI case rather than helping you gain an advantage say Fairfax VA lawyers.

Our lawyers often warn that these DUI relaxations in Fairfax VA must not be taken for granted. Be it a ticket that may pose as a petty matter or a DUI offense, leveraging your position with the legal assistance of the lawyers in Fairfax VA is vital.

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Your Fairfax VA lawyer will explain that there are other violations related to DUI offenses such as tampering with ignition interlocking devices. Generally, when a Fairfax VA driver has an ignition interlock device on his vehicle, it can be extremely embarrassing. Anyone who travels with the driver will easily form an opinion about the driver on seeing the device, say lawyers. The first impression formed about a driver with an ignition interlock device is that he is a reckless person with a severe intoxicating habit or at a time one even presumes that he is an alcohol addict. If you wish to avoid the installation of these devices on your vehicle, you need to consult Fairfax VA lawyers who are aware of the latest developments in the law.

If being installed with an ignition interlock device is embarrassing for DUI drivers in Fairfax VA, being charged for tampering with it can be devastating. If one has been convicted for DUI the court may order setting up of interlocking devices and tampering with it to affect its performance is a punishable offense. Any act hindering the functioning of the device can result in a misdemeanor, say lawyers. This tampering charge is added to the hearing of the original case. If it is embarrassing to have an ignition interlock device on your vehicle it can be further humiliating to present yourself to a judge for a case of violating the express orders of the Court.

For any DUI offense, it is advisable to contact lawyers who are updated with thorough knowledge on the amendments made to the existing laws. Our lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can provide you with valuable insights on how to proceed.