Virginia Drug Lawyer


A drug-related conviction tarnishes the reputation of the guilty and the record remains for life. In extreme cases, the criminal record becomes irremovable. Innocent individuals are also wrongly subjected to legal scrutiny as a result of being mistaken for the real culprits. In case of mistaken identity, the repercussions are unfair and undeserving, leaving the innocent completely shattered. In these circumstances, the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can be of great help. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA is the only source of support in these situations. An unjust conviction can be permanently bumped off only when the accused of braced with the support of a drug lawyer Fairfax VA. On the other hand, a drug lawyer Fairfax VA can also protect an actual perpetrator from incurring serious consequences. Therefore, a drug lawyer Fairfax VA is irresistibly required for the prosecution of any narcotics-related criminal charge.

Crimes concerning the distribution of controlled substances

A lawyer in Fairfax VA can render defenses for the following crimes:

  • Unlawful possession of narcotics like marijuana, paraphernalia, non-medicinal steroids, cocaine, heroin, etc.
  • Illicit cultivation of narcotics.
  • Distribution of controlled substances within or outside the state.
  • Driving under the influence of narcotics.
  • Prescribing banned narcotics.
  • Unlawful usage of a legitimate pharmaceutical product.
Drug Defense Lawyers Virginia

It is advisable to promptly approach a drug lawyer Fairfax VA once when the accusation is filed at the state court.

Synthetic drugs

A synthetic drug is different from other controlled substances. A completely different procedure is followed to manufacture a synthetic substance. In fact, a small change in the composition can give rise to a synthetic substance that induces the same feel of ecstasy as other powerful narcotics. These banned substances are often found to be sold at fuel stations, departmental stores, etc. A manufacturer observes proper caution while producing a synthetic narcotic and ensures that its composition passes the security check as a result of being different from the banned products. These differences do not make the substance any less unlawful. Bath salts, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), PCP (anesthetic medicines used by veterinarians), Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LCD), etc., are common examples of these products. In most cases, children and developing youth are apprehended for the possession of these contents. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA would have also met transgressors, who were alleged for possessing or consuming synthetic narcotics. The contribution of a drug lawyer Fairfax VA is crucial in such cases. A skilled drug lawyer Fairfax VA is required to clear the ambiguities regarding the lawfulness in the composition or use of the seized product.

A synthetic narcotic is legally acknowledged as a Schedule I drug. The quantity of the sequestered substance plays a vital role in deciding the consequences of possessing these contents. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA is acquainted with the penalties are adjudicated for the possession or distribution of these controlled substances. In particular, a maximum of 50 years’ incarceration is adjudicated when found guilty of possessing or circulating these products. On the other hand, the at-fault store owner is tried for multiple perpetrations including money laundering, evasion of taxes, etc. An incurred narcotics charge, regardless of its nature, mandatorily calls for the guidance of a drug lawyer Fairfax VA. A competent lawyer Fairfax VA aids in minimizing or dismissing the case using a time-tested defense mechanism.

Drug-related convictions in Virginia

The Virginia jurisdiction observes a unique pattern of prosecution for each drug-related charge. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA is familiar with each of these patterns. Almost all controlled substances convictions are treated as felonies. Marijuana is the only exception to the previously mentioned fact since its possession is lawfully recognized as a Class IV misdemeanor. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA is aware of the role played by the state prosecution in proving this allegation. The accused individual should have been aware of the unlawfulness in the possession of the confiscated controlled substance.

The prosecutor should claim that the transgressor knowingly or intentionally possessed the considered narcotic product for carrying out illegal activities. On the other hand, a drug lawyer Fairfax VA renders varied defenses to protect the arrested criminal from serious allegations. For instance, a drug lawyer Fairfax VA can argue that the person was unaware of the presence of a banned substance that was seized. The penalizations for the mere possession of a controlled substance include imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years and suspension of driving licenses for at most 6 months. The driving license suspension is specifically announced for an intoxicated driving accusation. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA can avoid the imposition of a criminal record on a first-time criminal, irrespective of the committed offense being a felony or misdemeanor. A first-time perpetrator is advised by a drug lawyer Fairfax VA to complete all requirements concerning probation before the declaration of the final verdict to thereby avoid a criminal history.

The distribution of controlled substances is also considered illegal. A narcotic distribution conviction is prosecuted very seriously if the accused distribution was performed near a school or college premises.

The significance of a drug lawyer Fairfax VA

Evidence plays a major role in determining the very outcome of a lawsuit. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA prepares and finalizes defense strategies only after observing the admissibility of the evidence submitted by the Commonwealth. For instance, a controlled substance that was confiscated as a result of conducting an illegal search is eventually ruled out as invalid evidence. The drug lawyer Fairfax VA challenges the lawfulness behind the search performed by the state police. If a piece of evidence is declared invalid, the use of it by the state prosecution is subsequently restricted. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA can also question the genuineness of the results obtained from the narcotic tests that were administered on the alleged driver. In several cases, a drug lawyer Fairfax VA claims that the defendant was forced or threatened by an evil third party to distribute or consume a controlled substance. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can build the best defense to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.