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The state of Virginia just like any other state in the USA put their best foot forward to crack offenders. Being a peace-loving state, the government is strict on the offenders. This is evident in the stiff penalties and mandatory minimum prison sentences the law prescribes. If you have been arrested for a crime and want to defend your case, the Law Office of SRIS, P.C. is the best place to consult. Their criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA are well experienced and equipped to handle the defense of any magnitude.

The world today is witnessing a steep fall in job opportunities leading to an increase in crime. The rise in crime is choking making the criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA busy. The Virginian judiciary aims to provide justice to people from all walks of life. The criminal lawyers, Fairfax VA are working hand in hand with the Virginia judiciary to assist the general public with their legal needs.

People accused of a crime and those who are likely to be apprehended for further investigation need to approach the best criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA immediately. It is best to get hold of an experienced criminal lawyer in Fairfax VA in these circumstances, as they possess adequate experiences in handling similar situations.

A criminal lawyer from Fairfax VA aids in protecting the rights of the masses. Felonious convictions can become stressful and tiring, but criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA help clients by providing optimum navigations through all legal processes in the court. The procedures on a case at the courtrooms can at times be complex but the same can be simplified with the guidance of efficient criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA.

Crimes and their kinds

The Virginian judiciary distinguishes crimes based on its severities. There are two basic kinds of crimes that are duly recognized by the Virginia laws, namely felonies and misdemeanors.


Less serious crimes and those than can incur imprisonments for a maximum of a year, are legally regarded as misdemeanors. These kinds of convictions can impose fine payments up to $2500. The lawsuits on misdemeanors are usually heard or handled at the general district or the domestic relations courtrooms. A misdemeanor charge may create a record or incarceration to the person accused. Thus, it is highly important to readily contact a criminal lawyer from Fairfax VA to lessen the seriousness of all legal consequences. Criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA will initially explore the grounds on which their clients stand convicted. Criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA will effectively analyze the severities of the charges committed against an individual.
Sex Crime Laws Virginia

The criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA proficiently elaborate on the various kinds of offenses that are regarded and recognized as misdemeanors by the Virginian laws. Some of them are listed herein:

  • Minor assault
  • Illegal trespassing
  • Unlawful possession of properties
  • Drug abuse
  • Illicit damaging of public or private assets
  • Non – disciplinary conducts
  • Invasion of public justice
  • Domestic disputes and battery
Several DUI (Driving Under Influence) charges, where the victim suffers minor physical injuries are also considered as misdemeanors. In these cases, the people apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may end up having their licenses suspended or confiscated for definite periods. Therefore, it is greatly essential to gain assistance from the local criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA in these scenarios, as they provide effective resolutions to avoid suspension or cancellation of driving licenses.

The criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA expatiate on the reasons with which a lawsuit on drunken driving can become serious and incur huge consequences. Some of them are briefed herein:

  • Driving at high speed with no concerns about the welfare of fellow drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.
  • Inebriate driving.
  • Driving with no possession of requisite legal papers like license and insurance claims.
  • Fleeing the scene of the accident with no proper notice.


Crimes that are massive and those that have caused huge loss of life and property are legally termed as felonies. Individuals accused of committing felonies are prone to face incarcerations for one year and more. The criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA are the mandatory components of all cases concerning serious felonies. People convicted of high scaled felonies should hire efficient criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA, who can assist them with the progress of their cases during the initial investigations. The apprehenders are initially heard at the General District Court.

During this process, the judge is indebted to carry out various functions before concluding on important matters. Some of them are:

  • Analyzing all arguments presented by the criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA supporting their clients.
  • Examining the charges against the accused.
  • Probing into all possible causes and motives behind the crime scene.

While dealing with cases on serious felonies, criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA will try to ensure that the charges registered against their clients are not worthy enough to incur long term incarcerations.

Some of the offenses that are likely to be characterized as felonies are listed herein:

  • Sexual assaults
  • High scaled larceny
  • Defalcations incurring huge losses
  • Fraudulent usage of any banking instrument like credit or debit cards, checks issued, etc.
  • Grand scaled forgery
  • Possession of drugs for sale or distribution
  • Purchase of drugs
  • DUI charges involving enormous losses on lives and assets


The panel of juries has powers to issue indictments that direct the progress of the lawsuit to the higher-level courts called the circuit courts. Indictments are formal documents that are issued to the criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA appearing on behalf of the state. These legal papers elaborate on the charges impeached against the accused.

The Virginia law and its governance

The judges, citizens, and criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA are aware of the fact that the laws remain the same for every individual irrespective of social and financial statuses. All people are considered innocent unless proven guilty. A person incriminated is regarded guilty only when the jurors conclude and prove the same beyond a shadow of a doubt. The nature of the lawsuits varies depending on the charges imposed against the convicted.

Criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA will find it difficult to handle divorce cases brought up at family courts. Similarly, divorce lawyers will never be able to deal with the complexity of cases on felonies or misdemeanors. Only proficient criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA will be capable of resolving criminal cases irrespective of the severity. Therefore, a person accused of charges should immediately reach out to the best criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA without any delay to avail effective legal support.

Significance of the criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA

The processes involved in a proceeding vary even with the courtrooms of Virginia. Efficient criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA levy reasonable payments for their services and the money spent is always worthy of the legal gains received. Experienced criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA expeditiously direct clients through all court procedures. They identify and locate all possible issues that are likely to arise before rendering defenses.

The criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA placed effective strategies that facilitate the smooth progress of trials at the court. Proficient criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA diligently quiz the prosecutors representing the state. Skilled criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA will be able to readily locate loopholes and ambiguities (if any) in the documents submitted by the prosecutor. On the whole, criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA ultimately directs and monitors all trials at the courtrooms.

The accused can benefit from hiring the best criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA. Some of them are explained herein:

Effective legal consultations: Convicts are usually left stranded after their apprehensions as they are likely to have multiple queries that require immediate responses. Wise criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA can readily provide clarifications to all doubts raised by their clients. Additionally, criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA elaborate on the legal alternatives available to bring in a clearer picture of the situation.

Reducing the severities of the penalizations: Experienced criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA is well aware of the ambiguities, prevalent in the Virginian legislations. Therefore, skilled criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA will look into using all possible loopholes to lessen the severities of the penalties that could be declared. Criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA appointed by the state upon requisitions due to the financial instabilities of convicts might not be allowed to work freely unlike private lawyers, due to strict governance of their moves or actions.

Friendly relationships: Criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA exhibit friendly relationships with the general public. The systematic criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA constantly update the clients about the progress of their lawsuits at the court. Criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA maintain healthy relationships with their peers, judges, and courtroom officials. Several high scaled criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA have close acquaintances with distinguished people in the legal field with immense knowledge which may turn beneficial anytime later.

Role of criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA: The criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA strive hard to protect the rights of their clients during a courtroom proceeding. Winning a lawsuit can be the biggest motive of many people and the criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA are aware of the same. All experienced criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA provide effective legal counseling to facilitate a better understanding of the course of the case at the court.

The Fifth Amendment right

Convicts apprehended for a custodial investigation should be elaborated on the rights available to them. For instance, the Fifth Amendment right of the Virginian constitution speaks about the powers of an individual to oppose self-incriminations. It also gives them the right to stay silent during the initial investigations. Any interrogating officer will look into using the confessions of an accused as a tool against the accused any time later. Discussions by the convicts with their allies or counterparts can be used as a witness claiming guilt. A person impeached will not be allowed to express their views on any social media platform. Any word let loose could be used against the convict during the interrogations. Thus, criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA advise clients to remain silent throughout their custodial period to avoid severe consequences over time.

The Sixth Amendment right

The accused taken under custody has all rights to hire the best of criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA. Those who are unable to gain assistance from criminal attorneys in Fairfax VA due to their financial inadequacies can place requisitions for the same at the court. The police or the authorities concerned are obligated to expatiate on the rights available to the convicts.

The procedures of an arrest

Arrests happen under various circumstances and the basic grounds for apprehension are listed herein.

  • When the police officers witness a crime and its occurrence themselves.
  • When the authorities concerned believe that there are reasonable motives due to which the convicts could have committed the offense.
  • When the state magistrate issues warrants instructing the arrest of a specific person.

Each situation of arrest varies from that of the others and it is only advisable to avail aid from skilled criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA during these circumstances.

Opposition to arrests

Upon getting apprehended, never resist the custodial officers from performing their duties. Oppositions will only add up to the charges based on non-cooperation. If the police stand injured or affected due to the violence agitated during the opposition of an arrest, the convicts may end up piling additional accusations to their criminal records. Thus, defense attorneys in VA warn clients to not resist arrests by elaborating on the consequences if opposed.

However, arrests conducted without appropriate warrants and motives are punishable under law. The criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA will be able to diligently defend their clients from unwarranted arrests. The proficient criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA can even present arguments claiming the violations in the rights of their clients at the time of arrests. Eventually, defense attorneys in VA will seek justice over the harassment experienced by their clients at the time of apprehension.


The judges handling sessions at the courts have the power to declare mistrials whenever required. Mistrials are pronounced on the following grounds.

  • Poor conduct or participation by one of the parties concerned or their respective criminal lawyers from Fairfax VA.
  • Misconduct of one of the jurors in the panel or the panel itself.
  • Upon identification of biased and non – neutral judges.
  • When the panel fails to achieve consensus regarding the declaration of final judgments.

Mistrials delay the progress of the case at the court. Prolonged legal hearings directly lead to increased expenses and waiting time. However, with the announcement of mistrials, all errors and discrepancies are eventually ruled out.

Mistrials are called hung juries; it is a situation where the jury cannot come to a unanimous verdict. In many instances, one or two jurors may not be able to agree with the peers. The judge has a major role to play in such cases as they cannot allow a person to walk away or cannot sentence to consequences. A mistrial is expensive and time-consuming. However, it makes sure the jury stalemates do not influence the judgment. Judgment cannot be taken lightly and hence it has to be done with utmost care. The judges consider all possible scenarios before delivering the verdict.

If you have any questions on a mistrial, consult the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. The defense attorneys in VA here are the best resource to put your concerns to rest but giving you the confidence to face the case. Moreover, they provide valuable information on how the justice system functions and ways it could transform your life.

Advantages of choosing criminal lawyers

An arrest can lead to anxiety, concerns, and a lot of questions. Only reputed and experienced criminal lawyers Fairfax VA will let you know the options available for defending your case.

  • The penalties are harsh for a conviction. Though you cannot escape a penalty, criminal lawyers Fairfax VA with in-depth knowledge of loopholes in the legal system can influence your case. With a little effort and right moves, there is every chance your case may be reduced or even dropped.
  • Hiring leading criminal lawyers Fairfax VA can keep your family updated on the legal proceedings and the outcome. The communication channel is open leaving the defendant and their family with hope and respite.
  • Local lawyers Fairfax VA have an excellent relationship with the personnel in the court and can help influence the outcome of your case.

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. approaches the defense case aggressively. The criminal lawyers Fairfax VA have years of experience in protecting the rights of their clients. The clients get all the attention and are rest assured that the criminal lawyers Fairfax VA are by their side during the struggle. Whether you are charged with a less serious or severe crime, the first point of contact should be the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Talk to their lawyers and get a quick respite. Do not wait and act now!


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