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It is almost impossible for two people to agree on everything. Assault and battery charges tend to arise out of arguments or other small matters. You may think it is a simple argument or fight, but things can quickly shoot up to more serious assault and battery charges. A conviction in Fairfax VA for assault and battery can make you appear as a vicious criminal. During these crucial times, you should take the decision of retaining a proficient lawyer to help ensure a positive outcome in your criminal case.

Assault and battery is the most commonly charged crime in Fairfax VA resulting in a criminal conviction with hefty fines and incarceration. Penalties in Fairfax VA could affect your finances, your job, and your family life. If you have been arrested for assault and battery in Fairfax VA, the consequence of the case can be extremely detrimental, so do not delay in seeking expert help from our skilled VA lawyer.

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It is important to identify what you are being accused of, as the elements for the charges of assault and battery in Fairfax VA are similar. You also need to know what penalties you may face in Fairfax VA, and what defenses a deft lawyer may be able to use in your favor.

The skilled Fairfax VA lawyer states that a simple verbal threat or even aggressive body language may be enough to charge you with assault in Fairfax VA. If an individual approaches someone aggressively and does something that makes them think that he or she is about to hit them that technically constitutes an assault in Fairfax VA. An assault is any behavior that is intended to hurt someone, and if physical contact was made, that is when it becomes a battery charge. Your lawyer explains that a simple description of battery is the act of touching someone without their consent. A battery is said to have been caused when you physically touch another, or if you use an object to cause injury to them. It is essential to fight the assault and battery charges in Fairfax VA with the assistance of our dexterous lawyer.

A familiar form of simple assault in Fairfax VA is domestic abuse, which is assault and battery against a partner, child, or another member of the family. Assault and battery coupled with domestic violence accusations are serious, and accused individuals should immediately involve an adroit lawyer to fight these complicated assault charges in Fairfax VA.

Your battery lawyer will also apprise you that when the accused is a teacher or a correctional employee or jail officials, your consequences double up leading to severe punishments and consequences in Fairfax VA. You must have a lawyer to fight these grave charges and protect your rights.

If the act is committed in aggravated circumstances such as with a gun or during a robbery or against one’s family member, it is measured as aggravated assault in Fairfax VA. You require expert support if you have been framed for these serious assault or battery charges.

Why defending these charges is challenging?

Once you are charged with an assault and battery in Fairfax VA, you should confer with a resourceful lawyer to start outlining your defense tactics. The defenses and the result will invariably depend on the choice of your lawyer. Therefore you should be very careful in the selection of your lawyer. It is a high priority to choose a Fairfax VA lawyer who can deliver the results you need in your assault and battery case.

Your well-versed battery lawyer will carefully analyze your case to find out the most applicable defenses such as self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property. Your lawyer will inform you that other defenses can be conceived to thwart your assault or battery conviction in Fairfax VA based on the facts of your case. Ascertaining these multifarious defenses in Fairfax VA court can be challenging. The crucial element, your lawyer should show in Court is that there was a real threat or harm against you. There also must be a reasonable basis for this fear and the force used must be sensible to defend them.

Eyewitness testimony can be vital to proving this, so do work with a highly capable lawyer in Fairfax VA right away who can help track these witnesses. Talking to witness and collecting evidence at the scene is extremely vital. Evidence, such as photos of injuries, needs to be taken immediately or it could be lost. Fairfax VA courts need strong witnesses and a proper chain of evidence to back up your version of the events. With the help of a dexterous lawyer, you will realize that a very serious assault and the battery charge can be dropped wholly in Fairfax VA if there are witnesses who can corroborate your claim of self-defense.

If your criminal lawyer can successfully prove that you did not have the intent to behave violently; your assault and battery charge can be dismissed in Fairfax VA. Be prudent and act swiftly in contacting your lawyer, as delaying can crumble your chances of defending your assault and battery charge.

It is important for you to understand that criminal charges like battery may appear to be simple but taking them lightly will cause serious damage to your reputation. Such damage in most cases becomes irreversible due to the negative effect it can have on your employment opportunities and even immigration. To avoid these grave consequences, you should never delay the decision of retaining a criminal lawyer for your charge in Fairfax. An assault and battery can have lasting effects on your personal and social life too. Obtaining dismissal in such serious criminal charges is a priority you must focus on. Seeking the experienced support of expert lawyers can ensure beneficial orders. Call our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. right away for effective solutions!!