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Criminal charges can devastate your life with severe mental pressure. We, the criminal lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., have assisted several clients with their criminal charges in Fairfax, VA. We can empathize with what you are going through. Any criminal lawyer you seek advice at this point will tell you the first step of facing your charge is setting aside your fears. Never panic in such situations. Approach Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA for the best defense strategy for your case.

Be assured the competent criminal lawyers in Fairfax, VA will find a way to dismiss your charge. The most challenging part of your criminal charge is hiring a criminal lawyer in Fairfax, VA who can understand the pain you are going through. Criminal Lawyers, with their practice and experience, have worked with several people in a similar situation like you in Fairfax, and have helped them out. Familiarity with the local courts, judges, district attorneys, and importantly the procedures of law are the key strengths of the best criminal lawyers, Fairfax, VA. On encountering a criminal charge in Fairfax, VA, seek the advice of experienced criminal lawyers at the earliest.


Initial consultation with Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will be about whether the offense you are charged with is a felony and misdemeanor. During this initial consultation, you will come to know that the offenses in Virginia are classified into felony and misdemeanor based on the seriousness involved. The Criminal Lawyer you consult in Fairfax, VA will educate you about the difference between misdemeanor and felony. Your criminal lawyer will tell you that misdemeanors are classified into four classes of misdemeanors based on the nature of the crime. The maximum fine for a misdemeanor is up to $2500 and the maximum jail punishment period is up to 12 months. You will be shocked to know from Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA that felony charges have serious punishments including death and life imprisonment. Felonies are classified into Class one to Class six felonies. Even the less serious felony offense, considered as Class 6 felony, is imposed with five-year imprisonment and a fine of up to $2500.

On being charged with an offense in Virginia, be it a felony or misdemeanor, the best course of action is approaching a criminal lawyer who will guide you about the criminal procedure in Fairfax, VA.

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The most common criminal charges include sex offenses like sexual assault, rape, child pornography-related offenses, drug offenses, violent offenses like firearm possession, traffic offenses like reckless driving and drunken driving and while collared crimes like fraud, credit card theft, and larceny. If you are charged with any of these offenses, seek professional advice from experienced lawyers in Fairfax, VA.


On being charged with child pornography offense, you may find yourself struggling with the humiliation of being charged with a child pornography offense on one side and the dire need of defending yourself on the other side. Consulting Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA is the first step towards defending yourself. A criminal lawyer, who has handled cases like yours, will explain to you what child pornography means. This discussion will help you analyze whether the material you have viewed is child pornography.

Know from an efficient criminal lawyer in Fairfax, VA that Virginia law considers all sexually explicit materials, with an identifiable minor, to be child pornography. The criminal lawyer you consult in Fairfax, VA will inform you about who is considered an identifiable minor under Virginia Law and what is considered sexually explicit visual material. Any photograph, drawing, sculpture, motion picture film, a digital image that is sexual in nature including such material stored in a computer’s temporary Internet cache with three or more images or streaming videos are considered as sexually explicit visual material.

On discussing your child pornography offense with your Fairfax, VA lawyer, you will understand the seriousness involved in your child pornography offense.

  • Know from Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA that possession of child pornography is punishable under Virginia law. A criminal lawyer in Fairfax, VA will warn you that anyone who intentionally obtains and keeps child pornography in his or her possession will be guilty of a Class 6 felony under VA Code 18.2-374.1:1.
  • Be informed of the consequences of a second offense of child pornography possession from Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA that it is a Class 5 felony and the minimum sentence is one year and the maximum penalty can be 10 years.
  • If anyone intends to earn profit by sharing child pornography over the internet and designs websites with this motive, such person is guilty of distribution of child pornography and Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will inform you that the act is punishable as a Class 4 felony
  • If an accused shares pornographic material of children, such sharing is punishable as a Class 3 felony and Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will apprise you that the punishment that may be imposed is imprisonment of five years to 20 years.
  • Be updated from Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA about the exceptions to the general rule strictly prohibiting possession of sexually explicit material of children. Truly efficient Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will inform you that possession of such material for medical or scientific purpose, possession of such material by officers in law enforcement or psychologists in their professional capacity and such material maintained by the judge deciding a case involving child pornographic material is not an offense.


Being charged with sex offenses like rape, sexual battery or carnal knowledge leads to social stigma. This embarrassment is the reason you should retain criminal lawyers best known for their unique defenses in sex crimes in Fairfax, VA.

Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA you retain for your rape charge will inform you what constitutes rape. Be informed that one may be convicted for rape if the Commonwealth has sufficient proof that the accused had sexual intercourse with another person who was not his spouse, without the consent of such person, and by force, then the accused will be guilty of rape. In similar circumstances, but where no intercourse has occurred, the accused will be held guilty of sexual battery. A Criminal Lawyer in Fairfax, VA will apprise you that rape is punishable with five years to life imprisonment and the sexual battery is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA have assisted clients charged with rape and can provide you effective assistance for your charge.


To obtain a dismissal of a sexual battery charge in Fairfax, the criminal lawyer you retain should prove that one of the following elements of the crime had not occurred:

  • the victim was sexually abused
  • against her will
  • by force or threat

Seek the professional advice of Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA who have dealt with sexual battery charges and obtain a dismissal of your charge with the perfect defense strategy.


A Criminal Lawyer in Fairfax, VA will tell you that carnal knowledge of a minor is one of the most serious offenses that can be committed against a minor. The age of the minor is crucial for a charge of carnal knowledge. Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will apprise you that the elements the prosecution should prove are as follows:

  • accused indulged in any sexual act
  • with a victim who was between 13 and 15 years of age
  • the accused was above 18 years of age

If you have been charged for carnal knowledge of a minor, obtaining professional advice from Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA is indispensable. Obtain timely consultation to win your case.


Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will inform you that to prove Prostitution, the commonwealth should have sufficient proof:

  • that the accused indulged in sexual intercourse with another person
  • for money or money’s equivalent


The most common reason in Fairfax for accidents is speeding. Speeding can lead a driver to lose control of the vehicle regardless of the experience and expertise. Speeding is a serious offense in Fairfax, V.A, and severe punishments are imposed. You can be charged for speeding in Fairfax, V.A. if you exceed the prescribed limit.

A Criminal Lawyer in Fairfax, VA will apprise you that driving more than 20 MPH over the posted speed limit or Driving over 80 MPH regardless of the posted speed limit could inevitably lead to a reckless driving charge as most of the highways in Fairfax are set with the speed limit of 70.

Reckless driving in Fairfax not only results in jail time and fines, but there is also the possibility of license suspension. Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA you retain for your charge will warn you that the aftereffects of a reckless driving charge do not end with jail time, the charge adversely affects your employment status too. All this indicates how tactically the reckless driving charge should be dealt with. Approaching your reckless driving charge by yourself is not advisable. Take the able assistance of a criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax, VA for your reckless driving charge for an effective defense strategy.


DWI and DUI laws in Fairfax are strict and if you are charged with these offenses, a criminal lawyer is necessary to have your charge dismissed. The penalties for these offenses increase based on high BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels of the accused.

Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will apprise you that for proving a driving under influence offense, the Commonwealth has to prove the dual elements of being intoxicated and driving while being so intoxicated. You will be surprised to know that in most of the driving under influence cases, the popular defense has been that the accused was not driving the vehicle when he was spotted by the investigating officers. What constitutes ‘driving’ has been discussed by the Virginia Courts in several cases. It has been held that even if the accused did not actually operate the vehicle when he was spotted by the officer, it was sufficient if the key was in the ignition.

If you are ever charged with driving while intoxicated, retain efficient criminal lawyers in Fairfax, VA for best defense strategies.


For any drug offense, consult a skilled Criminal Lawyer in Fairfax, VA to represent you. Do not make the mistake of approaching your drug offense charge by yourself. Drug offenses come with severe penalties and you are bound to make costly mistakes by defending your drug charge by yourself.

Know about drug offenses and penalties imposed from an experienced Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA.

  • It has been reported that the last twenty years have seen a tremendous increase in arrests for marijuana possession in Virginia. And a major percentage of the arrests have been for simple possession of marijuana.
  • Know from your Lawyer in Fairfax, VA that Virginia law makes it illegal for an accused to possess marijuana unless such material has been prescribed for medical use by a medical practitioner or is allowed under the Drug Control Act. The statute dealing with marijuana possession states “Knowingly or Intentionally”, thus making knowledge of possession an essential element of the offense.
  • Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will advise you that the absence of knowledge about marijuana is a popular defense for marijuana possession.
  • Be informed from Lawyers in Fairfax, VA that the law clearly states that merely because one owns or occupies premises or vehicle does not create a presumption of intention or knowledge of the marijuana

Criminal lawyers in Fairfax, VA experienced in handling drug charges are aware of what constitutes proof of possession. A mere accusation cannot result in a conviction; the act should be proved in court with supporting evidence. Retaining proficient criminal lawyers in Fairfax, VA will help win your case as these lawyers are familiar with the practice in the local courts.


Being charged for violent offenses like assault and battery can be frightening. Often the offenses of assault and battery are confused for the other. Without proper knowledge, it is impossible to know how the law defines these offenses. Criminal Lawyers who handle cases like yours regularly will provide you an explanation about the difference between the two offenses.

Under Virginia law, any harmful conduct with another person is considered battery. The Defense Lawyer in Fairfax, VA will warn you that even if the conduct is not serious, the act is considered as a battery. The most important element for the offense of battery is that the accused should have intentionally made contact with the victim with the intention of causing harm.

Experienced Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will apprise you that assault is punishable as a serious offense in Virginia. If the Commonwealth can prove that the accused by his intentional act creates fear in the mind of another person of harm, then the accused is said to be guilty of assault.

Any skilled Defense Lawyer in Fairfax, VA will tell you that the three elements for an assault charge are:

  • Intention
  • To cause fear
  • Of harm to another person

If there is sufficient proof that one person thinks the accused is going to injure him, it may be charged as an assault. Defense Lawyers in Fairfax, VA will advise you that in Virginia simple assault is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

If an assault is committed on one’s family members, the offense is considered as domestic assault. This charge is most common in marital disputes and is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor. In most cases domestic assault results in the court entering a protective order for the protection of the victim. For your domestic assault charge in VA, obtain professional consultation from experienced criminal lawyers. Early consultation assures you of a favorable outcome.


On being charged with a criminal offense in Virginia, you should remember that there is no common procedure that is universally followed by all courthouses in VA. The Fairfax County courts may follow procedures that are completely different from the procedures followed by Prince William County courts. The lawyer you have chosen to retain for your criminal case must be familiar with the procedures of the Court where you are facing your charge. Hiring a Criminal Lawyer who is not familiar with the procedures of Fairfax courts will prove to be highly disadvantageous for your charge.

Retain a defense attorney in VA who prioritizes your criminal charge over others. On consultation, if your defense attorney in VA patiently discusses your charge in detail, you can conclude that you have retained the right attorney. Hiring the right defense attorney in Virginia is key to winning your criminal charge in VA. The Virginia attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are familiar with court practices in VA. Therefore, our Virginia defense attorneys can assist you in framing the right defense for your charge.